About Me

My name is Reid Walker. I am originally from Chelsea, Quebec, and I transferred to John Abbott last year to pursue a life away from home and take advantage of an opportunity to attend school and play football at the next level. Throughout this journey, I’ve had to manage various responsibilities, including a full course load, living away from home for the first time, working for the government, and dedicating 4 hours to football every day. This has been and continues to be a stressful experience for both my body and mind.

During my time at John Abbott, I have immersed myself in the school community as a designer. I have been responsible for creating visual content for the sports and recreation department to promote upcoming events and celebrations. Additionally, I have taken charge of social media advertising for John Abbott College’s football team. This role has been the most fulfilling aspect of my work as a designer. Despite working on it without compensation, I have gained valuable experience in dealing with clients and incorporating input from fellow student athletes into my designs.

In addition to my involvement in social media development at John Abbott, I have also been dedicated to my work during the summer breaks between semesters with ESDC (Essential Social Development of Canada). I initially took on this job during my first year and continued to work part-time while attending school. This experience has taught me a great deal about professional work environments, effective time management, and strategies for balancing multiple tasks.

In an ideal scenario, I aspire to take charge of a company’s advertising efforts and transform it into a well-structured, graphics-focused entity. I am deeply passionate about projects and am willing to put in extra hours and effort to ensure their success and create a compelling atmosphere